If the guilt keeps hurting, even after being forgiven by Jesus, then read this article.

Before I get down to this short article, I want to explain my belief. I believe in Jesus Christ and God. I know that God is real, and so are he's enemies.

If your having feelings of guilt, then you might have already found out that what is needed, is to repent, forsake the sin, and ask Jesus to forgive you. However, if the pain of guilt continues even after having the forgiveness of Jesus Christ, then it could be your are suffering anxiety and related problems. It is suggested and documented that anxiety is caused by too much or too little copper. It is also caused by a methylation problem. That is what I found out about myself. I am undermethyalted causing me more than just anxiety. Other people are overmethyalted causing the same diagnosis that I have.

Jesus Christ said that all sins and blasphemy shall be forgiven. All of sins, what ever it might be. Having Jesus Christ is essential even if it's one of those problems I said.

The devil must be cast out. Try speaking out loud to Jesus in a private setting. Speaking your confession out loud to Jesus can help resolve the feeling. Remember that the angels can hear you, and so do the devils, this will edify your confession to Jesus Christ, knowing that you have told a group.