Can a person choose to live sinful and then repent at the end?

Is it true, can a person choose to live a life of sin and then repent at the end? Does this mean a person can plan to have a life of sin to repent at the end? According to God's word all a person needs to do is repent and ask for forgiveness? I decided to write this article to explain why this plan is bad, and could bring a person into unforgiveness.

First point I want to make is about sin and God's promise. First, God said that no sin can enter into heaven. You must be born again to receive the kingdom. In order to do this a person must repent, forsake the sin.

When a person yields them-self to sin, they become a slave to sin. Sin will force the person to sin, even if that person has decided to repent. The individual becomes a slave to sin, being forced, compelled, making it very difficult to resist. The demons and devils reinforce this act, and so do the people around that person. This individual does sin, while trying to repent and get forgiven by God. One reason for this conflict, is because the person only knows evil, and does not know good.

Jesus said you can be filled with darkness or light. You will either be filled with evil or good. Also, the more a person sins the more demons that attach them-self to that individual. The demons can be in such numbers that the individual would die if delivered from them all too soon.

The second point I want to make, is about God's discipline. Although God forgives the person from their evil, he will sometimes punish that individual for it. God does this to purge the foolishness out of them. Coming to God and becoming he's child can be instant. But purging the sin and getting rid of the demons can take more than a life time.

My third point in this argument, is the fact that God can decide to take your soul at any moment in time. He might decide to take the person's soul just before they make the decision to repent, making them suffer for a life time of sin.