A method a teacher used to destroy children's education.

I will not tell what the teachers name was, or what grade it happened in. But I will tell how the teacher destroyed my grades and education. Why did she do this? I do not know the reason for her doing it to me.

She held a personal teaching lesson just for me. Although I do not remember the entire lesson, I remember enough of it to warn other people. The teachers told me over and over again, that if the answer is easy, or too easy, then I probably have the wrong answer. I was programmed to believe I had the wrong answer when it came to me easy. The way this works, is after I believe that if I got the answer easy, then it's probably the wrong answer, is because out of my memory I know all the answers. Because I remember all the answers to the questions it makes them all easy. She then instructs me to pick any random answer, except the easy one. After practicing the tests for many hours and many days, I am fully programmed into behaving in this way. I now no longer can pass a test.

I failed all the tests even though I had learned the lessons. And because I got the answers wrong I was unable to learn the lessons. This created a painful confusion, that lasted for a great number of years. When this had finally subsided was when I had found out what she done to me. I was about 30 years old at that time.

This was not the last thing I had bad teachers do unto me. Not all the teachers practiced this type of evil teaching, but I majority of them did. It was more than just the teachers. Students and school staff also practiced evil works on me.

Avoid the United States education system if you have the power to do so.