2017: Idea for creating a solar wind generator out of a sphere.

The idea I am writing in this article is untested, and undeveloped by me. I have this idea based on the idea of how solar wind energy works on the surface of the earth. If it has been tested, built and tried then I am unaware of it. Further more, I am unaware if the idea I am presenting is valid and can work. It is only an idea that I decided to share. I will explain the idea and it's variety as quick as possible. The idea of this sphere was written in this article on, September 16, 2017.

The idea is to create an object that will generate wind that can be harvested. A sphere should be created that is enclosed in transparent material. It is not known to me if the surface of the sphere should be even or perfect. But I believe the sphere should be enclosed and sealed from the outside. It might be necessary that the surface of the sphere should be created out of more than one type of material. Using more than one type of material is for the purpose of creating uneven heating and cooling on the sphere. The sphere should have one part facing the sunlight, and one side in shadow. The idea for a light and dark side, is to help create uneven cooling and heating of the surface. Something that might interfere is the fact that the sphere is enclosed. It might be necessary that the sphere is enclosed so that wind can be generated and harvested with wind traps. This can cause the green house effect very quickly. And yet one more problem is gravity. This sphere is modeled after the earth, but is placed on the earth. This problem puts the center of gravity outside the center of the sphere, unlike the earth. Now that I have given the basics to my idea, I will now describe the alternative that is created without a sphere.

Creating this solar wind sphere generator might be done without a sphere shape. It would probably be the idea shape is to have a flat model. The flat model can have a light and dark side just the same as the sphere model. The flat model can have a surface similar to the sphere model. The difference is the flat model is capped on all four sides, rather than going around. The sphere model allows the heating, cooling, and air flow to be free. The flat model constrains those freedoms. The flat model however, is more accurate when dealing with gravity.

If this model could create wind energy using the sun, then using something other than air might change the power inside. And yet mixing the air inside with different gases might change it's power or effect.