Why did America sell her self to China?

Why did America sell them-self too china? Because evil men wanted to destroy America. Why did those evil men have a desire to destroy America? There are many reasons the evil are destroying America and it's people.

It all started with Japan. America had good relationship with Japan, and traded with them yearly. Some paranoid people stepped up and accused Japan of buying up all of America, leaving nothing for American's. When Japan was confronted on this issue, Japan apologized, and repented saying, that they would never buy another American business or land.

Even though Japan repented and turned from doing that thing, America then judged and punished Japan buy turning their trade to China. China then buys all the American land and business. China will not repent, and for some reason no body is confronting them on this evil deed.

If we had not broken God's commandment of unforgiveness, we would have never sold our land and business to China. The evil people who want to destroy America used the the unforgiveness commandment to destroy the American jobs.

We need the American people to forgive both Japan and China. Forgive them and ask God for forgiveness. Then ask God to heal our land. As long as the American people practice unforgiveness, the land of America will continue to be in trouble. This is what the evil who are trying to destroy America want. They might lie about their belief in God, but they do believe in him. And they know if they can get the American people to practice unbelief and all the evil that comes with it, they can destroy America and it's people. One of the main stream reasons for this evil, is the acts the American soldiers have done in the wars. Not only did they have to kill the enemy, but some of those soldiers would marry, and then leave the pregnant women behind. These babies who are sometimes bastards, gave the revengful people power over the country, to work evil spells of the devil against it. They where able to use the disobedience of God's commandments to give the devil a foot hold on American and it's people.

Remember, it's not sacrifices of blood that give the devil power, it's sacrifices of broken commandments. Sometimes sacrificing an animal or even a human is a broken commandment. They death of a person's animal or child could make the person have evil thoughts, this would allow the devil to get authority over that person.