One Idea to Fight against Robot Workers, Joyner 2017.

This idea that I am giving you in this article is not the final solution. It is only a suggestion, but hopefully it might serve some of you people out there to survive with the problem drones are giving us.

The idea is simple, get yourself one of those robots. If you can get yourself one of them, or maybe a few, then you can have them running your own automation. You can have them creating things for you, such as ball bearings.

Learn how to use them, how to fix them. Learn about the different name brands and the differences. Learn what you are able to create with one of those automated machines. One of the things you could have it build, is a robot worker.

The robots are taking over all human jobs. The people who have the money and power to employ people will only use robots and drones. That means we need to get our self some of that power, the drones and robots. Do not put your trust in someone who says they will only hire people.

We could program our robots to build all kinds of things for us and then sell them on the internet. We can run our own internet mail manufacturing home based factory.

I heard those robots are able to work together using nothing but hand tools. They get the job done the same way, perfect every-time, just the way you programmed them to do it. Now they are getting a programmable neuron. That means they have a programmable brain, they actually can think.