Why are people creating gay people.

Why do people make gay people? Women make gay people, and men make gay people, but why are they doing promoting something that is either silly or nasty?

Before I get to the first reason, I want to make a statement. It has been scientifically proven, that a gay or lesbian only behaves that way because of 'trained behavior'. There is nothing in chemistry that makes a person gay. It's a trick of the mind.

Some men make gay men so there will be more free woman available. The fewer men around, the more woman that he can pick from. Some woman make gay women for the same reason the men make gay men.

Another reason is for the pleasure of stealing and destroying people. They know if a man is involved with men, then he's life is severely damaged. This brings pleasure to the saboteur, of having done a deed this evil.

Yet one more reason is for the purpose of gay men indulging in as many whore-domes with other men as possible. Women have the same idea.

There is more reasons. One of those is people are using gay to fight the over population. They do this while keeping themselves in faithful married families.

This is because of a broken commandment, fornication and adultery. They have been taken over by evil spirits that is consuming them.

The devil wants the people of the earth to break any commandment, and being gay is just one of those that he uses to gain power over the man, to eat him. The devil only comes to steal, kill and destroy.