Happy birthday, make it wine and food day.

Happy birthday, but before you make it happy Satan's day, hear my advice.

Flee from fornication. Sex is holy and pure in the eyes of God, with the bed undefiled. Instead try to find a faithful date, enjoying some good food like fish or red meat. Unless your married of course, as fornication and adultery will lead you to becoming cursed.

According to the book of vanities, eating and drinking is something we should enjoy, as everything else is a vanity. Some wine is good, maybe some beer, just not in excess to the point of becoming a drunk.

I am not talking about cheap wine, have you ever had none cheap wine? It changes it's taste as the bottle is being drank. Each glass of wine is unique and tasty. I personally like dark red wine, such as Merlot. Not all wine is the same, even from the same manufacturer. It's supposed to be better the older, but sometime the wine maker has better years than others. Wine is good with God, but only a little bit. It is in the new testament to have a little bit of wine for your stomach sake.

Wine is better with food. What food you get should be decided on the wine, as drinking wine affects the taste of the food, and food the taste of the wine. It makes it a more interesting dinner. You can taste something that will never be around again. It's what makes wine so good, the taste, not the drunkenness.

Choosing wine and choosing food is an art, you might find some suggestions doing internet surfing. But there is some general advice I will not list here. White wine versus red wine. Some are better for deserts, while others are better for things like red meat, that have been seasoned with barbecue sauce.