Idol and celebrity worshipping

This article is not just about celebrities that worship idols, but about celebrities who are worshipped as idols. Is this wicked and evil? I can tell you why it is a stupid mistake to make any man as an idol, or false God, or even a king. I can tell you the stupid mistake people are making by making celebrities idols.

Mistake number one. A people is free without a leader. But for some reason those people make a decision to make a person as their leader. They have all these promises that demons make, prosperity, women, power, success. What really happens is slavery. At first everything works out as promised, then slowly, one piece of your life after another is taken away. Your women, your peace, your safety, then you find yourself working in slavery, and if you do not work, you will be executed. Why would a person who is free, and can already have what he desires, put himself into slavery where he will end up with nothing, including he's life.

Mistake number two. Why do people follow a lawless, wicked evil person? Is it because they think they can be just as successful if they mimic what they see them doing? Well pay attention and learn, they always end up in down fall. What good is it to acquire the entire earth and all that is in it, if your soul ends up in hell.

Mistake number three. While your lifting up your idol, making your idol more and more glorified, you are decreasing. Because your idol does not care about you and only it self, you have no benefit. What a waste of life, glorifying an idol. The money given to idols through the purchase of their goods, such as t-shirts with their images, and music that was written by them, you could have saved up for a small piece of land. People will spend over 10 thousand dollars on idols in their lifetime, some will spend up to 100 thousand dollars. What does the idol do with the sacrifices made and given to it? The idol will make more things to sell, to increase the desire for people to sacrifice even more. The only blessing the worshippers get is more sacrifices to be made.

Mistake number four. The idols that are made are evil. Even if they had the power to bring blessings into the worshippers life, the blessings would turn into curses. The example given is evil, one of those evil examples to worship idols. God said that he is a jealous God.

Worshipping a true God, that is Jesus Christ is without the type of sacrifices that are demanded by idols. And your soul will end up in heaven, a place without perpetual torment.

God's commandment is to do good and not evil, this is not a bad daily sacrifice to make. God will protect you, increase you, supply all your needs. The authority given by Jesus Christ to he's children, is more powerful than the authority people get from giving them-self to the man eating snake, called Satan.