How witches gain power to harm people, and what to do about it.

This article will explain only some of the things that witch does to get power over people. The witch does this for the purpose of getting something for themselves, or they might have revenge in mind. Another reason they would do this is because they know they are an enemy of God, they take pleasure in this type of thing. Some reasons could be for good intention, but will result in harm. The general idea for the witch to be able to gain any power over anyone, is by infecting them with a demon. It doesn't matter if the witch know the truth or not, but a man will never have power in himself. They however can command an evil spirit, and by physical forces make things happen.

The witch they think and call them-self good, will only harm someone. This is because the power comes from the same evil place. The witch can only command a demon. A demon only comes to steal, kill and destroy. It doesn't matter the command given.

They will give you gifts. The gift can be an item of anything, even food. Most of the time however it will be something like a figurine, or a necklace. This gift giving ritual will create a bond between the witch and her enemy, allowing the witch to have more powerful attacks against her target. One of the gifts a witch gives is money. This will create a bond with feel good feelings between the witch and receiver. One of the nastier gifts a witch give, is food. The food is taken in into the body where it is consumed and becomes part of the victim. One of the worst reasons a witch gives food, is because she has mixed chemicals together and put them in it. All of these gifts allows a witch to put demons inside the person she is working powers against.

One thing a witch can do is touch you. She can put a demon on you by putting her finger on you. A demon itself can be used for the purpose of being a mark, or symbol.

One of the most dangerous things to do is have sex outside of marriage. Sex will allow demons to get inside, along with sexually transmitted diseases. Most of the time a witch is a harlot because of her rebellion against God's commandments.

A witch will try to marry her victim. They will get into a church and become a respected member, because they are on a mission for the devil. You must have God tell you if it's right to marry any specific person.

This trick will get the younger children of God. The witch will trick the person into breaking a commandment of God. If you break a commandment of God, the witch can get a demon into the victim because of God's law. This method of getting a demon into someone can allow the witch to cause serous damage to someone, even killing them.

Other than getting a demon attached to someone, sometimes a witch will break God's commandments themself. In exchange the demons will grant the desire of the witch. That desire could be for a person to be attacked, or seduced, which is an attack.

Some witches be bad, and give bad influence to other, for the purpose of getting rewarded for the sinful behaviors that result. Never knowing what the reward might be, but often, involves getting sex. Sometimes given a choice, but often if the choice doens't involve sinning, will result in rejection, even punishment.

One must know God's word to know the commandments that are used against the devil. The devil only comes to steal, kill and destroy. He does that by making the victim break God's commandment.

One of God's commandment is that we as children of God, have all the power, dominion and authority over all of God's enemy. We can command those demons to leave. We can even make the witch's demons attack the witch. If we do that, we must do it for the purpose of making the witch repent.

God wants all to live, and none die. He wants to save that witch from the judgement that he is bringing.

The demons can never have forgiveness, sometimes it's right to ask for their early judgement. Asking jesus to have them arrested by angels, and then judging the demons, casting them into hell.

Another way of controlling demons, is by praying to Jesus for their punishment. You can even decide what painful punishment they get. Be careful not to pray to God with evil intentions.