What to do if you are being bullyed. A Christian Strategy.

I am not going to talk about all of the types of spells and methods that a witch will use. This type of spell that is put on people goes beyond just a witch, it also is used by satanist and doctors. This type of witch craft can be misunderstood as bullying or harassing.

These people use type of witchcraft for the purpose of getting revenge, or just to take pleasure in causing dangerous trouble. They even do it for the purpose of killing people.

There is the type of spell cast by the use of demons, and also by the use of psychology. And also the use of both demons combined with psychology. The witch will tell you things, give you ideas. These ideas will cause situations in people's lives such as negative self talk. These ideas can cause people to make suicide or homicide happen.

Some of the ideas will cause people to be tormented. Sometimes they are tormented for their entire life because of the evil things they have heard. Children practice this type of witchcraft in school, hurting and trying to kill the students who are ignorant of it. Especially if they find out they are with Jesus Christ or God.

The ideas can cause stress that will lead to vitamin deficiencies. These deficiencies in vitamins will cause a mental illness to occur. Along with the negative self talk, or the tormenting false facts of life they are forced to believe.

Doctors, that is psychologist studied witchcraft and satanist and learned these skills from them. They then took them and amplified them with the study of the human mind. Adding with the new skills things that where known about hypnosis and glitches found in the human mind.

With this type of witchcraft enhanced by the theories about the human mind and brain, witches then learned these skills from doctors and started using them. One of those types of spells that is common place all over the world, is found in music. The famous musicians such as Micheal Jackson and the rapers use witchcraft spells, it is the music they have recorded. Music, that even after the musician have died keeps people playing it over and over again. Even playing over and over again after the radio has been turned off.

Some of that music is bullying. The music is amplifying the things children said in school to the children who where called losers. Some of the music's meaning is not obvious until after the children of became adults. This torments the individual even after they are gotten out of school, as they will hear the music being played at work and also in the shopping malls. They even hear it in commercials, which are tormenting by themselves.

Defeating this type of witch craft and their demons is easy. All one has to do is obey the commandments of God. To learn those commandments one must read the new testament of the King James version of the holy bible. In the book of Matthew when Jesus is lead into the wilderness by the devil, will give an example of how this type of witch craft is defeated.

Do not cast your pearls to swine, because they will trample them and turn and then rend you. That means do not tell them your tactics, do not tell them what your coping skills are. Learning your coping skills is one of the things the witch wants to find out.

If you reject Jesus Christ and are also being tormented by witch craft. Know that you are not only rejecting the one who can save you, but also embracing the one who is trying to kill you. There is no middle ground or third party. It's either the devil or Jesus that you go too. You either choose evil or good. And we being evil, obey God's commandments and love to do good.