How to out Smart Demons and Satan.

There is only way a someone can outsmart a demon. All that one has to do is obey God's commandments. When you obey God's commandment, you will win every-time.

Man cannot out smart Satan, but God has already beaten him. God told us how to beat Satan, and that is to obey God's commandments. Jesus Christ was God in the flesh, and he proved that obeying God's commandments will lead to victory over the world.

Satan does what ever can be possible to cause any type of damage that he can. If we as an individual obey God's commandment, we will have the victory.

This victory comes in two ways. One is God steps in and helps. The other, is that it naturally, physically works in this way. Satan does not have the power to deny the physically working existence that God has created.

Obey God's commandment, and you can expect the law of physics to work every-time.

The later, if not obeying God's commandment, then not only do you get cursed by demons, it also naturally, physically will harm you.