How eBay and Paypal Worked Together to Steal my Money.

How did eBay and paypal work together to steal my money? I will explain it as quick as I can. The events in this article took place in the year 2017, and started at the end of the month of May, it is now going on into June. This article is being revised and published on the very day the last event has taken place.

First I purchased a couple computer processors. I thought the processors where good and was going to turn a profit on them. Next I sold them, both of them to the same buyer.

After waiting two weeks I took the money and paid down my paypal credit. Another two weeks later the merchant opens a case and said the processors where bad.

Paypal automatically deducted the money from my paypal balance leaving me with a negative balance. I called paypal asking them how much time I had before they started charging my bank. I wanted to find out if I was going to get the money in the bank before they charged me.

I was told that paypal will not charge the bank, until I tell it to charge the bank. That it will have a negative balance until I resolve the problem by adding money to the account.

I had told eBay that it was good to give him the refund, being deceived thinking I would have time to get the money into the bank and suffer a negative paypal balance.

To make certain paypal was happy I put the needed money into the paypal account. Paypal then charges my empty bank account for both charge backs.

This costed me two over draft fees by the bank. Paypal told me that it was going to come back in 3 days to charge me again. I transferred the money from the paypal balance into the bank, and also got my social security check and put that money into the bank account.

Paypal takes the money after 3 days, just as planned. Two hours after taking the money from the bank, the buyer some how was able to reopen the two cases for another round.

I called eBay telling them about the mistake in their system. They told me that it would resolve itself when paypal was done transfering the money. As soon as the eBay system sees the money as been returned, the case will close.

Two days later Paypal still has not giving the money back to him that they had taken from me. Then eBay and paypal together charge my bank account a third time and take my money again. With not enough money to handle charge number 4, my bank is going to bounce again, causing what little money was left to be consumed, while still have eBay and paypal ready to charge me again, and soon.

So I get it, all the customer service representatives do for me, is what I already can do myself using the computer. Also, when there is a problem, they are there to convince me that everything is alright, and do only get me to be more patient with their automatic systems.

There is no place to report this bug with eBay or paypal, and if I could, they would do nothing to resolve this problem.

I called eBay and they reviewed the cases, and where able to see the problem. They told me that it was a paypal problem, that I had to talk with paypal.

I called paypal and paypal was unable to see the charges. Because there computer did not show the the withdraws from my bank account I was accused of trying to steal money. The eBay charge appears in the paypal account as a third item. I told them that their computer was having a bug, that something was wrong with it. I was then told that they do not see the transactions. And I was accused of making an attempt to steal.

After paypal has finished transferring the money it got the first time, I will then call them if eBay does not give me my money back and pay for the over draft fees that their bug caused me. If they refuse to give me the money, or if they try to give me a seller statement credit, I will then try contacting the police. I do not know if the police will do anything about it. They have a way of redirecting people around, just like paypal and eBay handle their cases.

It was as if eBay snatched my money and started tossing it over my head back forth, between paypal and ebay. Ebay telling me to call paypal. Paypal telling me to call eBay.

So far for this one transaction, I have lost 436 United States dollars. This was not the first time eBay and paypal worked together to steal my money. I am missing an additional 250 United States dollars from buyer protection fraud.

Today paypal finished giving the refund. The money that eBay took from is never coming back, and eBay has still has a pending transaction to take from me, which my bank account does not have enough money to cover.

I tried to file a police report, but found out that what they did was not considered a crime. There is nothing I can do but talk to Jesus Christ. God's commandment is for me to forgive them, so I do.

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