It's better to have children get their education from drones than schools.

Why is it better to have children get their general education from drones rather than school? I have some reasons, I will first start with the bad things that are common in public schools as of today. This article is being written in May of 2018.

There are many bad things in school that are not found at home. These things include sex, drugs, battery, rebellion, witch craft, guns and also suicide.

In school the children are forced to sit in large groups in designated areas. This makes them easy targets for gun men and also bombings. If the children stayed at home and got their education from a drone rather than sitting in a group of targets, they would have a higher chance at surviving.

In school the kids are seduced by drugs and sex. Sometimes they are seduced by sex into drugs. And sometimes they are seduced by drugs into sex. It depends on the child. They will start in the third grade.

Do i need to mention the violence in schools? There are so many bullies and fights. Some of those fights are because of the grading system found in the schools. The high grade students are attacked by the lower grade students. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with the child, but the abuse from the other students makes them get bad grades. This would not happen with a drone.

Being involved with other kids causes the child to rebel against their parents. They are either directly, or indirectly trained for it. There are times when the school staff teach children to rebel against their parents.

The devil is all over the place. He has a foot hold in the schools.

Because of the abuse from the other children, children comment suicide. Others bring guns and knives too school for revenge.

None of those problems exist at home. A drone is only going to teach the assignments that it's programmed for. It can do complicated things such as answer questions the child might have. The teachers will not do that. They will instead aggravate the child, and teach them verbal violence.

Teachers and school staff will say anything to keep the schools around and the drones out. It's because teaching is their job. They have been given the power of verbal tactics from the United States Army and Military long before either of us attended school. Because of that military tactic in arguments it's very hard to beat them. What one must do is prove it and it must have doctors back up the evidence claims.

At school the child has to backup their feces and urine and wait for many hours before releasing it. At home the child can use the bathroom when needed.

At school the child goes without anything to drink all day. That includes the hot bus rides in the afternoon and morning. At home they can get water when needed.

At home when the child is frustrated with the school work, they can take a break for a moment. At school they are only frustrated more by getting punished. They are also aggravated by the other students.

Teachers said they need interaction from other children and teachers. What they learn in school is violent behavior. They learn how to steal, kill and destroy when in school. They are turned into public school trash cans if they do not obey those behavior patterns. What that means, is all the kids and teachers will verbally abuse them without mercy. Even if they comment suicide, because they will not obey those evil ideas.