Put an end to the Virus, Baloo

How can baloo be stopped from running? There are three ways I know how to stop baloo from staring up. I will keep this article as quick as possible.

Baloo has a program that can disable or enable baloo. balooctl disable.

Replace the baloo programs with the program called true. Baloo is located in /usr/bin

Edit the startup script inside the configuration folder /etc/xdg. Change Exec=baloo_file with Exec=true

Baloo acts like a virus. It makes sense to me that someone wrote baloo in such a way that it would act like a virus, to prove that linux can be infected.

Baloo might have to be stopped after editing the files.

The reason baloo slows down computers is not because of the cpu usage. The problem is the method it uses to read and write to the hard drive. When the hard drive is consumed by a process such as baloo, the linux kernel for some reason freezes. Baloo is in my opinion, a waste of energy because of the cpu usage. It acts like a virus, always coming back some how. Making the kernel none responsive and slow.