My Review of Becoming a Christian.

This is a review about my good experience having become a Christian. A Christian by definition in my faith, is a person who is a child of God, through God's son Jesus Christ. It means they have Christ in them, and their name is written in the book of life, who is Jesus Christ.

Before I became a christian I was filled with torment and pain. Even though I didn't know it was the devil, the devil was always trying to kill me. Depression, anxiety, loneliness, guilt and shame.

It didn't happen immediately but after learning from Jesus Christ, learning my authority in him over the enemy, my life changed from what we call darkness, and into the light. After learning about my authority in Jesus Christ over the enemy, that is the devil, the demon's, and even the people who obey Satan, I was able to take control. I became the master rather the slave. I force the demon's to bow down to me, and the holy spirit rebuke Satan and the devil for me.

I have been able to gain confidence in myself. I was able to destroy depression and anxiety because Jesus Christ answers my prayers. I was able to hear God's voice. I am now confident in my death, that my soul will rise to heaven, because before I almost died from heart failure and seen the gates of hell.

I now know what to do about curses, and slander, either intentional, or by accident.

The more evil in my life that I get rid of, the better I feel. Evil is what God calls evil, not what man calls evil.

As a Christian, I have someone who will avenge me if someone was to hurt me. And that someone is Jesus Christ, and Jesus's father, God. We are to forgive people for the evil they do against us, but God will still avenge you. It's he's promise and he's commandment. Not withstanding, they may be given a chance to repent and be forgiven, just as I have been forgiven.

I have found forgiveness in my life, this is true if though people will not forgive. I know that if they do not forgive me, God will repay them with it. He will avenge me if they do not repent. This is not my doing, it is God's commandment. Unforgiveness is evil.

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