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A review about the video tutorials on I will make this review quick and simple, and say in this introduction paragraph that is worth the price they are renting or selling their tutorials at. I cannot give a review from a professional perspective, but for someone who is novice like myself, and wanting to learn modeling, cgcookie is the answer.

I have been using cgcookie to learn 4 of their learning flows that they have. Learning the basics of blender, leaning the basics of modeling inside blender, and I took two courses on concept art creation.

First I will talk about the videos them-self. These video lessons are excellent. Really good for someone who was burned out in grade school. The videos have not been more than 11 minutes each, with most of the videos running for about 4 to 5 minutes each. The lessons have truly been broken down into small pieces giving high contrast to what learning at your own pace really means.

Each video is a wealth of easy to learn information. If I gave a rating for each video they have, it would be a gold rating. The videos are worthy to learn from.

I took a course in color, and I finally know how to use color, but of course I still need to practice and study color. I took a course in UV Unwrapping models in blender. I already knew that, or at least thought I did. The education coming from cgcookie beats all those free tutorials.

I took the modeling course with blender on cgcookie. Perfect. I had already learned how to make base models, but I now know a better way to make base models. I now know the basics to sculpting, and am now in the process of learning retopology.

As a novice in modeling, cgcookie is an answer from God. Well worth the price I have paid. I plan on continuing my learning path so I can quickly get started on the good stuff, practicing.

One thing that I was unable to find on cgcookie, was learning the basics to drawing. I learned how to draw and also do digital painting from "ctl plus paint" (ctl+paint). I highly recommend those videos even if you might had already gotten started with drawing.

The website that is being reviewed:

CTL+Paint for leanring to digital draw and paint.