How to defend or protect against false accusations or allegations

After thinking about my success about my defense in one false allegation, I decided to share with as many people as possible about protecting them-self. The security method for protecting against false allegations written in this article does have faults in it, which I will also explain.

This was a woman who had been physically abused by her husband, because we had attended the same group together, she used me as a goal. She used me to make physical contact for the first time, breaking out of her fear. When she touched me, which was the first time she was able to get paste that area of her fear, a couple of doctors had told her that I was a sexual abuser. I want to note, that the allegation was also false. The girl started running around trying to jump through the glass window.

Later that week she killed herself. Without knowing about her suicide I returned to the clinic for my doctor appointment. The two doctors and some police officers where there. The doctors told the police officers that it was my fault, that I had caused her suicide. They used each other as witness in the allegation. Because of the doctors credentials, which was their doctors degree, the police where not going to give me a defense before carrying me to jail. But I asked them to look at the security camera. I told them that the security camera will tell them what happened. After they reviewed the security camera the doctors where then taken to jail.

Another week following, they tried to get me to falsely confess to the crime. Stating that what they do is a good work, and their good work needs to continue. But I rejected them, knowing I would be terminated or sent to prison for 20 years. I also was aware that they are evil people trying to prey on me.

So what about the article's topic? Security cameras is a good way to protect yourself against false allegations. A home security system that can record up to a month of data. A body camera that you wear on your chest which can have long recording time. Camera system in your car, front, rear, and also interior. A security camera with the proper evidence in recording, will override a large number of false witnesses. While there might be 4 or 5 false witness saying you did something, the security system will show a different story.

This type of security or protection against false allegations does have a fault in it. The individuals who what to hurt you, destroy your life, or even kill you can perform camera tricks. They could do something like have their false witnesses, then when they know the camera is rolling, show up and say something like, "Why did you do it, why did you do that? You know what I am talking about." along with another evil person helping out, "I saw you do it, and your going to try and deny it?"

If you are on your home security system at the same time that the false allegation states you where doing something else, then the camera could protect you, and condemn them. The security system in the car can protect you when another driver is truly at fault for a car accident. The security system can tell what the truth is, when you have no other way to prove it. The security system can be used to defend other people who have no defense, who are under false allegations. It can also punish others when they lie about the truth to get away with very bad crimes.

Other than the security system, DNA is very useful to protect against false witnesses. If you had really broken into the home or stolen something off the car, then your finger prints would be present. Not only would the finger prints have to be present, the finger prints would have to tell the police a story about you vandalizing or stealing. The police are able to look at DNA and finger prints, and know a story about how it got placed. They are even able to tell the difference between rape and sex, so that piece of evidence can be used to protect against the false allegation of rape, when the other partner willing engages with an individual, for the purpose of having rape charges against her partner, the evidence tells a story of two people who submitted to each other.

When ever a crime is committed look for the evidence that should be present, but is not present because of your innocence. Present the lack of that evidence to the police in your defense. When ever your have a false allegation against you, try to figure out if you where recorded by a camera at the time the crime is supposedly have taken place. Restaurants and clinics, hospitals and apartments have security cameras in place. The camera would be your best defense against a false allegation. If someone is trying to kill, by taking away your life by having you put in jail or prison, keep yourself under security cameras, wear a body camera and install home security cameras.