The cure for schizophrenia, bipolar, anxiety and many other brain chemical imbalances.

A couple months ago I published an article that said beta-alanine was the cure. Now I have learned that beta-alanine only is part of the fix for mental problems. I have now rewritten this article to reflect my newest findings.

What causes a mental illness? You have probably heard that it is caused by a chemical imbalance. What causes that imbalance? According to Dr William Walsh, the imbalance in chemicals is caused by either too much, or too little amount of vitamins. The vitamins regulate other chemicals such as serotonin, and dopamine. Vitamins, which are also known as amino acids.

Dr William Walsh spent 30 years in research testing people and doing analysis on them to perfect what he has developed today, the Walsh protocol. Using the Walsh protocol the patient consumes the correct vitamins to fill the missing vitamins, and also remove others, such as copper.

Dr William Walsh founded the Walsh Institute where he teaches psychiatrist and medical doctors the Walsh protocol. The Walsh protocol has become wide spread in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, but not yet in the United States.

Dr William Walsh has a Post Script document published on the internet, it has a list of mental illness subsets, and the vitamins used for them. The title of this book is called, "Biochemical Imbalances in Mental Health Populations".

From my research and personal experiences, I would add beta-alanine to the list of vitamins. I would not use a dosage of beta-alanine no higher than 1 gram. For the vitamins listed by the Walsh protocol, I want to say that you must take much more than the daily value. Also another note, the daily value is low quantity, compared to the dosage found in the supplements. It would be wise not to take to high a dosage of any one vitamin, as this can hurt your liver.

(followup on this article February 2018) Because of the cost of the walsh protocol, I did my own work and investigating. I discovered that I had a leaky gut. What I needed was vitamin C and vitamin E. The anxiety was broken, and so has a few delusions I was having. I am now taking a multi-vitamin.

The anxiety came back but would subside from time to time. Still taking the vitamin. Something that really helped me with the anxiety is spiritual warfare with Jesus. God plus the vitamins has helped me beat the anxiety, but I still have problems with it, just not as bad. It's been reduced very much.

June 29, 2018. I found out what the root cause of my anxiety is. It's called SIBO. A bactery infection in my small intistine. It was causing me histamine intolerance, along with other toxic waste. the oregano of oil is used for the hydrogen kind of SIBO, and it's working to take care of the anxiety. I have not yet been able to test the schizophrenia.

Explaination of the walsh protocol, by Dr William Walsh.

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