Home crafting business, it goes beyond jewelry.

What type of things can be manufactured from home? Just about anything you see around you in everyday life can be fabricated at home. Even an automobile can be fabricated at home, and by one single person.

People have been put under an evil spell. That evil spell tells them that they "cannot do it." It tells them that, "it's impossible." It will also say things like, "You cannot complete with the factory prices." This is not true and I will explain how.

We can complete with the factories. This is because we have design. Because of design we can fabricate, and manufacture or own things at home for the purpose of earning a daily income. Design is easy, you only need to come up with square designs.

Do all people only buy the cheapest item they see on the shelf? If this was true there would always only be just one brand on the shelf. You would never see any competition. People look for quality and also cosmetics when they decide to buy something. They also look at reviews from other people to help them make a decision about the very limited number of choices they have. This gives us home manufactures a chance. We can come up with a square design for our own screw driver, or it could be a square design for a washing machine. And we can then compete.

The pricing scheme is simple. You charge the cost of materials plus the number of hours it took to fabricate the item.

We do not need fancy machines or robots to put together a car. We can build a motorcycle, or even an airplane with hand tools. Just like it has been done for about two hundred years now.

We could be making money building our own hand tools. It could be bicycles, or motorcycles. We could be manufacturing our own furniture. We can even grow or own food and have a cottage business.

Save your country, save your carnal body, give your soul rest and help revolutionize the world. Home manufacturing is easy and possible, and it can even be done without power tools. All we need is to invent our own designs. We can figure out how to put things together. Just like toy building blocks or a maze. It is not hard, just think square and simple. Because of design, we can do this.