Long list of things to craft at home for money.

This list of items is incomplete. There are many more things not listed that can be produced from home for reselling to the masses and rich.

I have built this list for an example too as many people who will find my article, it lists things that can be produced by hand, and at home for extra money. With enough practice and skill, a person could earn a living manufacturing at home.

Mattress, car, truck, buss, kite, balloons, plates, cups, forks, spoons, can, bottle, ruler, remote controlled gadgets, prefabricated barns, fishing gear, fishing poles, baskets, boxes, jewelry boxes, jewelry, jewelry tools, jewelry supplies, screw driver, hammer, fan, motors, scales, small engines, oil paint, canvas, cloths, blankets, cleaning supplies, lawn mower, lamps, lamp shades, furniture, fiber for yarn spinning, yarn, dyes, pigment for oil paints, mattress, beds, pillows, trailers, computer keyboard, car cover, tent, grill, hand tools, power tools, battery, yarn swift, cooler, boat, sail boat, 3d printer, paper printer, disposable dinner plates, disposable silver wear, bags, coffee cans, alcohol heaters, wood heaters, wind generator, car stereo amplifier, speakers, car seats, oem replacement car parts, dog beds, reflectors, bicycles, motorcycles, napkins, paper, cardboard, fish tanks, fish tanks accessories, knitting needles, candles, candle wax, wicks, rope and many many more things.

Have a look around your home, or the home of others. There has too be something that you can produce, or at least be able to take time and learn how too produce it. Do not expect it too be handed too you in a how too, or an internet page. Sometimes you have too find your own way to produce it.

Be careful of copyright infringement. You really only want to produce something with your own design. Have a look around, maybe if your country has public domain copyrights, you can find an easy enough to produce and legal design? You have too also be careful of zoning laws and business licenses. Make certain you pay your taxes.