Quick Review about Quitting Depression with Cognitive Therapy.

I was diagnosed with depression and had taken a typical anti-psychotic for it's treatment. After using cognitive therapy I no longer need the anti-psychotic for depression.

Optimistic rather than pessimistic. This means the negative self talk must come to an end. I discovered that the reason I felt as bad as I did, was because of self affliction. Rather than afflicting myself I started to comfort myself.

I was able to beat the depression but it took months of fighting. It was true that I was inflicting the pain on myself, but it wasn't something that I could just immediately stop. It took effort and fighting to finally have beat the depression.

Every-time the depression feelings would come onto me I self inflict the pain, remembering then the cognitive therapy. The depression come onto me for less of time each time, and stayed away longer each time. Now it's gone, it does not return.

I had discovered that I really do not like the feelings of depression. I learned that it was a feeling that I hated. And I learned that I love the feelings of being normal. The feelings I have without depression.

Each individual is different and their problem must be figured out by them. They only way they are going to stop depression is too first, want to put an end to it.