Learn how to sue your alien abductors.

Proof that aliens are a hoax, and all the sightings of them are a result of trauma caused by the alien stories and fake documentaries.

I seen an alien before. It appeared next to my bed. It however was not real, but a flash back that was implanted in my head by a alien documentary. How do I know?

The alien only appeared for a short amount of time before disappearing. I was only able too see the top part of the alien, the rest of him would have been inside the table that was next too my bed. In the television show, they are showed that part of the picture. The alien was silent, there was no sound.

I have also been on the alien ships. Always suddenly appearing on them and then suddenly finding myself on my bed.

The following facts about alien sightings prove they are only hallucinations and delusions; Alien abductions are always followed by waking up in the bed. Never knowing how the person was on the space ship or was returned. The aliens only show up for a moment, and then disappear or turn invisible. The aliens walk through walls. The spaceships can never be caught by the air-force because of the supernatural maneuverability. There has never been alien radio transmissions picked up. Man's telescopes have seen the closest planets too our own, and they are not habitable. The closest solar system is too far away, even at the speed of light. Man enjoys telling lies to other people. Man enjoys too steal, kill and destroy.

The fact that I have these hallucinations is because my brain was damaged by the documentaries. I know I was not the only one who suffered brain damage from these movies or shows. If we want to put an end too this type of abuse, then we are going to need lawyers too sue the people that have filmed these fake documentaries, and showed them on television.

The doctors know what the truth is, they know they are not real. So does the military and army. It should be easy to prove that the people who suffer from alien abductions have been abused by these television shows. Because people have suffered so much from aliens, it should be easy enough to prove that there was damages.

Put an end to the abuse, stop the media from harming children. Sue the alien documentaries for the damages done to your brain. Sue the aliens.