What really is bad words, or cuss words?

In this article I will try my best to explain what a curse word, and also what filthy communication is. It could be possible that the translation of this article did not come out correctly. I will be using google translate to translate this article from English and into the language that you see now.

The first thing I will explain for you none English speakers is that we have certain words in our vocabulary that are called cuss words. They are also sometimes called curse words, and bad language.

These words are only bad for one reason. Because of 'idea'. They are only bad because people consider them bad. They are in fact, just words. Shit is considered a bad word, versus feces which is considered normal. They both mean the same thing. However, the usage of shit inside the court room will get a person a jail sentience, versus the judge doing nothing about the usage of feces. Both words mean the same thing, but one of them is called evil because of 'idea'.

God doesn't care if I use the word shit rather than feces. What will make him mad is if I use it in a bad way. If was to say something like, those people look like pieces of shit. It would be the same level with God if I was saying those people look like pieces of feces. Now I am cussing, or using filthy communication. That is foul language. Not the word shit, and also not the word feces either, but the message that was given with my speech is what becomes foul.

Even though what I am speaking is commonly known with people, the court systems here in America continue to persecute people for the choice of words, ignoring the message of their speech. The court system is an old primitive, unforgiving prejudice evil man here in in America. EVen though I have said that, I will confess and tell you, he has had mercy on me before. And I have seen him have mercy on others. It just makes me really aggravated that he persecutes someone because of their cloths, or because of choice of words in he's communication.

To me such a judgement is primitive and evil, persecuting someone for their cloths or for their language. Certain words are evil only because people have been trained to see and feel that way about them. The message that is given too people, that is what becomes bad.