A kettlebell swing strategy. Five mintues per hour.

Kettlebell swing strategy. 8 hours per day, 5 minutes per hour. That means for 5 minutes each hour of an 8 hour day, I will do the kettlebell swing. That gives me a total of 40 minutes kettlebell swing workout per day.

That is lots of calories lost. I have a 15 pound kettlebell and swinging it for 1 minute burns approximately 15 calories. Five minutes burns 75 calories. A 40 minute kettlebell workout should alleviate about 600 calories.

I am a fat man and cannot do a straight 40 minute workout. But I am able to do 5 minutes of a kettlebell workout. If I only spend 5 minutes per hour during an 8 hour day, then I can get a full 40 minute workout in a day.

If I can spend 10 minutes each hour for 8 hours per day, then I would have done an 80 minute kettlebell swing workout. The idea is to start out smaller than get bigger. So 5 minutes an hour for now, then later I can move up to 10 minutes.

It takes approximately 10 kettlebell swings per minute. That means I only need a small 50 kettlebell swings per hour. Each hour I will have lost 75 calories using my 15 pound kettlebell. Working out in this way will also cause my metabolism to increase more during the day. Versus a straight 40 minutes in one hour.

Of course a bigger weight means more calories lost. The reason I am using a 15 pound is because of the cost of the kettlebell. It's recommended to use a 20 pound to 35 pound kettlebell. 1200 calories can be lost for 60 minutes of kettlebell workout using a 20 pound to 35 pound kettlebell.

If you do not know what a kettlebell swing is, I recommend seeing an example from someone. Youtube videos should prove to have good examples of a kettlebell swing. If you cannot watch youtube then you should at least find some kind of video example on the internet.