Alien sitings are really a result of post tramatic stress disorder.

Alien sightings are really a result of post traumatic stress disorder. I k now this is true because of my own personal experience.

When I was a young child a fake documentary come on the television. The documentary was about alien visitors, alien attacks, and alien sightings. The documentary dramatized me with the idea it was real, with the pictures they showed, and the awful music they played.

The documentary was a modern day 'War of the worlds' type of show. Displayed and recorded as if it was real, for the purpose of tricking people.

The documentary was also purposely engineered to traumatize the people who believed. This was made possible with modern psychosis of it's time. I was traumatized by seeing the fake documentary on aliens.

After had been traumatized I became afraid of the dark, I was always terrified of the night. The post traumatic stress was getting worse. In my later years I have flash backs to the documentary. I now have hallucination of seeing aliens.

I was not the only person who was traumatized with these documentaries. This is where the alien sightings come from, post traumatic stress disorder. Big money, big business, and lots of fun messing up the minds of everyone who watches. Only the strong survive, destroying the minds of the weaker people, the people who believe. This is their excuse for doing this evil thing.

I know that I am not the only one that Jesus Christ is going to avenge. The people who have done this have already been infected with demons as a result of the evil they are doing.