Schizophrenia: Forcing voices to say what you want!

Getting relief from the voices by controlling them. This short article talks about making the voices say what you want them to say.

The voices are in your mind. In your mind you have the dominion, power, and all the authority. The voices can not have any control unless you give them that power. I know that for some people, they can be so loud and out of control that this skill might not work. But for a majority of you, I know it will work.

Just like you can think of your own thoughts, you can make the voices say what you want them to say. Even if they voices sound like they are external you can force them to say what you want. Just take control of the thought and force your imagination on it.

A deliverance minister taught me that I have the power, and dominion in my own mind. That the voices cannot do anything unless I let them. Even though I know this is the truth, they will still invade. Now I am able to force them to apologize too me.

I make them apologize and ask Jesus Christ for judgement. Some of the voices threaten to rebel and make things worse. I handle that by believing that they have no power over me. And they do not have any power over me. This is my realm, my world.

I highly recommend listening to Doctor Pat Holliday's videos on blog talk radio. They are in english and I apologize if you do not know english. Her teachings have been a valuable cognitive source.