Review of the atkins diet for loosing weight

I did this diet and lost weight. In this article I will discus what I ate, and also tell the reader what the diet plan is. For this review, I give 5 stars out of 5 stars. Very effective method for loosing excess weight.

The diet plan is simple, 6 out of 7 days you eat only meat, cheese, and vegetables. One day out of those 7 you eat carbohydrates. I was eating "Publix" subway wraps, without any sauce, except for oil and vinegar. I was using sun dried tomato wraps. I also ate fried ground beef (hamburger meat). I would put a slice of cheese on it while it was hot so it would melt. I would have a slice of tomato with a piece of lettuce. No bread, but mustard is ok to use. Ketchup is not OK to use, as it contains sugar as one of the ingredients. I also was consuming Atkins milk shakes, and Atkins candy bars. Because those two delicious food items contain very very little sugar, it was effective for loosing weight. I would also eat hot dogs, without any bread, or chilli. Because most chilli contains carbohydrates for ingredients, I left it out. Mustard, but I did use a little bit of ketchup on the hot dogs. Another food item I ate was steak, pork chops, and baked chicken. The last thing I will list is the green beans and corn. Then for every Saturday I would go to "Wataburger", and get me a meal for either lunch or dinner. I would also order a milk shake and french-fries, and have a sugar soda.

What where the results? I lost 22 pounds in two weeks time. With my weight at 356 pounds, I calculated that in only 6 months time, I would be at my ideal weight, which is 180 pounds. That is a very fast rate of loosing weight. Much faster than exercise. It was over 1 pound per day of loosing weight.

The food is great, the food in the diet is considered real food, verses the carbohydrates which is considered fake food. Devil's food is another word given to it. Because I have no carbohydrates, I begin to feel better and better. I start to feel healthy even though the fat is still there.

Now that I talked about the pro side of the Atkins diet, I will talk about the only con I found with this diet. The cost of the Atkins diet is much higher than the cost of the fake or imitation food. It was costing me over 400 United States Dollars each month for the real thing. Because of the results, I know I only have to spend that much each month until my ideal weight is back again. Then I can start mixing in the imitation food to lower the cost. And if I gain about 5 or more pounds to much, then I will only need to go back on the diet to keep myself where I belong.

I highly recommend giving this diet a try. Do it for one month and I am certain you will see the difference on the scale. I want to give advice about the scale. Always use the same scale, as not all scales are consistent. Even the scales found in doctors offices are inconsistent with each other. So for 6 days of the week eat only meat, cheese and vegetables. One day out of 7 take a break from the diet and get something like fast food, or maybe order a small pizza. I am almost certain that it's not how much we eat, not how much exercise we have, it's what we eat that is making the people in the world obese.