How to Spray for Roaches

Working for a lawn care company I was given the task of spraying for bugs around a apartment complex. In this article I will share my knowledge learned on how to spray a house that has an infestation of roaches. The chemicals that are used are not commercial. Commercial grade chemicals has a law requirement of having a license.

This project is simple, requiring only some spray cans of roach spray. These can be picked up at some grocery stores. Places like Walmart also stock roach spray. I will not recommended any specific brand, only recommend that the spray is intended for roaches. This means that the first step is to aquire enough spray cans to spray all of the parts of the house that are mentioned in this article.

All that is required is taking the spray can and spraying every crack, every seem, every window, and every door. Utilities such as stoves and washers need to be sprayed under and all the way around. Cabinets need to be sprayed inside along all the seems.

I suggest starting with the seems of the house. Spray all of the seem, giving a thin coating all the way down any seems. A seem is where a section of the wall meets the roof or floor. Also a seem is where a wall meets another wall. Spraying the wall face is not necessary. It is needed to spray on any cracks or holes.

After all the seems have been sprayed the next step is spraying the doors. To spray the doors, go all the way around the frame. This will cause the roach to cross through the poison to enter the house.

Spraying the windows is done just like the doors. Spray all the way around the frame. It does not matter if the window is closed or open. I however would recommend having the windows open to air out the fumes. This should take about nine hours. Having the doors open will make the ventilation more efficient.

When spraying the cabinets be certain to remove all utensils used for human consumption. Taking in any poisen internally needs to be avoided. The entire seem inside the cabinets need to be sprayed, along with any holes or cracks.

Furniture items such as beds and couches need to be sprayed around. The parameter can be sprayed as if it where a seem.

I recommend avoiding any air conditioner and heating vents, as this would cause the fumes of the poisen to enter the atmosphere of the house every time the air handler is engaged.

If a baby or small child is living in the home, spraying might not be advised. A professional with commercial grade poisen should be called for the job. They might have poison which is safe for your baby but bad for the bugs. They would also know where not to spray, to keep children and babies out of the poison.

To complete the spray job, the outside needs to be sprayed. Spraying along the seem of the house and parameter. Covering the spray on any holes or cracks. This however would give evil neighbours an opportunity to destroy someone by the usage of complaints and concerns.

The spray job should only be applied once per month, even if roaches still persist after any one single job. After sometime spraying a house with the method written in this article should cause a house to become bug free. Some home owners have suffered from bugs even after a professional company does the work. In this event something must be letting them in or housing them safely.
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